Standard Policy on Ethical Conduct of Instructional Personnel & School Administrators

Workplace Standards & Polices

Any person representing LiFT Educational Academy whether administrator or instructional staff, must demonstrate and uphold the standards of ethical conduct both inside and outside of the classroom.

  1. Must be aware of the importance of maintaining respect for each other as well as for the students.
  2. The educator’s concern is always to be for the development of the student. Each educator will strive for professional growth and will seek the best professional judgment.
  3. Each educator should value the worth of every person and have a commitment to excellence.
  4. Each teacher has the freedom to teach, and each student has the freedom to learn. This guarantees equal opportunity for all.

Obligation to the Student Requires that the Individual:

  • a. Keep the student from harm both physical and mental.
  • b. Not restrain student from independent thoughts for learning.
  • c. Not needlessly embarrass the student.
  • d. Not intentionally violate a student’s legal rights.
  • e. Not discriminate against a student by their race, religion or social standing.
  • f. Keep confidential information.
  • g. Not exploit the teacher-student relationship for personal gain.

Obligation to Public Requires that the Individual:

  • a. Not use institutional privileges for personal gain.
  • b. Not intentionally misrepresent facts concerning education or events involving the school.
  • c. Take precautions to distinguish between personal views and public views.
  • d. Not bash other learning institutions. All comments should be positive or not made at all.

Obligation to the Education Professional Requires that the Individual

  • a. Be honest and impartial in dealings.
  • b. Not interfere with a colleague’s civil rights or political views.
  • c. Not engage in harassing or discriminatory conduct.
  • d. Not make fraudulent statements concerning the school or its students and faculty.
  • e. Not make malicious statements or perform undermining actions about or toward a colleague.
  • f. Not withhold information regarding a position from an applicant or misrepresent an assignment or condition of employment.
  • g. Not assist entry into or continuance in the profession of any person known to be unqualified.
  • h. Not misrepresent one’s own professional qualities.
  • i. Self-report within 48 hours any case of arrest/charges involving abuse or possession of a controlled substance.
  • j. Report to the appropriate authority any known allegation of a violation.
  • k. Seek no reprisal against any individual who has reported any allegation.

Abide by all School Polices and Procedures with Steadfast Adherence to the following:

  • a. Immediately report known or suspected child abuse or neglect to the Florida Department of Children and Families. 1-800-96-ABUSE
  • b. An employee who fails to report known or suspected child abuse or neglect is subject to disciplinary action by the employer, by the state department of education, or through criminal prosecution.

NOTE: Abuse means any Willful act or Threatened act that results in any Physical, Mental or Sexual Harm.

NOTE: Corporal discipline of a child by a parent or legal does not itself Constitute Abuse when it does not result in the harm described above to the child.

NOTE: Neglect meann when the child is deprived of basic needs such a Food, Clothing, Shelter and Medical needs.

This should be reported immediately.

Bullying and Harassment:

All students have the right to a safe educational environment. Educators are responsible for not allowing students to harass one another.

Items include behaviors such as teasing, threats, intimidation, stalking, physical violence, theft, public humiliation, destruction of property, social exclusion, sexual violation, or any action that is construed as denigrating based on race, religion or gender.

Harassment means threatening and insulting or dehumanizing gestures, use of data or computer software, or written, verbal or physical conduct directed against a student or school employee. These behaviors and the events they propagate must be reported immediately.

Discrimination is strictly prohibited, and all employees shall abide by the policies of the school and the school district.

Confidentiality Agreement Prohibited

Any employee who resigns or has been terminated is prohibited from entering into a written or verbal agreement with anyone in the effort to conceal misconduct.

Reference Checks

All instructional personnel or administrators who prepare reference letters should be honest in describing the qualifications of their subject.

All who report negative information on an employer or colleague are immune from civil liability.

Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace

Whether inside or outside of the workplace alcoholic beverages, narcotic drugs and
controlled substances must not be indulged by any LiFT Educational Academy employee for the purposes of consumption, sale, distribution or mere possession.


No weapons are allowed on the campus premises, vehicles, or during any activity in
which LiFT Educational Academy is associated or being represented.

Security of Tests

All national norm reference tests should be kept under lock and key. All forms of academic dishonesty are strictly prohibited. Loss of test materials should be reported immediately to Dr Fabian Redler, Principal (800) 613-6463

Dress Code

All staff and administration shall maintain a clean and well-groomed appearance,
wearing attire that is both professional and modest.


Use of tobacco in any form is prohibited in the school, its vehicles, or at any event in
which LiFT Educational Academy is being represented.

Electronic Communication and Social Networking Sites

Instructional personnel and administrators shall use caution, good judgment, and
temperance when using these sites. There must be absolutely no postings that would embarrass or disfavor the school, its staff, its associates, or its students.

Training Requirement

All instructional personnel and administrators must engage in annual training on the
standards of ethical conduct and the school policy for reporting misconduct.

Compliance with Florida Statutes

It is a requirement for instructional personnel and school administrators to complete training on the standards related to ethical conduct.

As required by section 1002.421(1)(m), Florida Statutes, all owners, operator(s) and Chief Administrative Officer(s) must undergo a Level 2 background screening through the FDLE and results submitted to the FDE.

In addition, all employees and contracted personnel with direct student contact must submit their fingerprints to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for state and national background screening in accordance with section 1002.421(1)(m), Florida Statutes.

In accordance with section 1002.421(1)(m), Florida Statutes, LEA will deny employment to or terminate employee or contracted personnel with direct student contact if he or she fails to meet the background screening standards under section 435.04, Florida Statutes.

As required by section 1002.421(1)(n), Florida Statutes, LEA adopted policies establishing standards of ethical conduct for instructional personnel and school administrators include the following:

  • A requirement to complete training on the standards;
  • A duty to report, and procedures for reporting, alleged misconduct by other instructional personnel and school administrators which affects the health, safety, or welfare of a student; and
  • An explanation of the liability protections provided under sections 39.203 and 768.095, Florida Statutes.

In accordance with section 1002.421(1)(p)6., Florida Statutes, LEA follows the process of notifying the parent of each scholarship recipient at least 30 days before a transfer of private school ownership occurs.

Before employing instructional personnel or school administrators in any position that requires direct contact with students, LEA conducts employment history checks of each of the personnel’s or administrators’ previous employer, screens the personnel or administrators and document the findings in accordance with section 1002.421(1)(p), Florida Statutes.

In accordance with section 1002.421(1)(n), Florida Statutes, LEA prohibits confidentiality agreements regarding instructional personnel or school administrators who are terminated, dismissed, or resign based on misconduct, and LEA prohibits the provision of employment references without disclosing the misconduct.

Reports to the Office of Professional Practices Services (DOE)

Any violation of these standards of conduct may result in the information being reported to the office of professional practices services for investigation to determine if disciplinary action should be taken against an educator’s Florida Educator Certificate.

Penalty to employees for noncompliance

  • First Offense – Written up
  • Second Offense – Suspended 2 days from work without pay.
  • Third Offense – Dismissed from job.

Remember ethics policies are set up to avoid potential trouble. We must have standards.
At LiFT Educational Academy, our standard of ethical conduct includes honesty, respect,
caring, integrity, and moral values in everything that we do daily. Administrators and
employees must express these attributes.