Dyslexia Mastery Program

DREAM is a structured and sequential literacy program built on the combined evidenced-based approach of Orton Gillingham and LiFT Brain Training©. Together they form an unparalleled solution to cultivate the academic and cognitive literacy skills essential for reading, spelling, and comprehension.

Key features integrated for students struggling with reading due to dyslexia include:

✓ A Multisensory Approach involving all the major pathways to the brain including auditory, visual, and tactile measures.

✓ Sequential, Incremental & Collective Lessons to assure that concepts are taught in a logical, structured, and sequential manner that carefully build upon previous lessons.

✓ LiFT Brain Training in conjunction with Orton Gillingham provides a unique Brain-Based Integration. LiFT strengthens the cognitive muscles responsible for a student’s ability to read and spell while Orton Gillingham provides the structure to the learning approach. Evidenced- based research shows that when brain skills such as Auditory Processing, Attention, Memory and Thinking Speed are improved, a student’s ability to learn to read is significantly heightened.