Still Have Questions?

How do I know that LEA is the right fit for my child?

Students who have struggled with learning, ought to have a variety of options beyond a conventional classroom to meet their individualized needs. LEA offers a well-thought-out diversity of Student-Fit-Learning Models to match each student with the learning environment best suited for them.

What can LEA do for my child who is struggling to learn?

Many students diagnosed with ASD, ADHD, dyslexia, and a variety of learning or developmental disorders, share a common struggle with learning. Their ability to learn, process and retain information is hindered by cognitive deficits. The tendency to get easily distracted; the inclination to think too slowly or even much too fast; the inability to prolong mental endurance; and the failure to store, retain and recall memory, are just some of the mental processes that these children endure but are essential for learning.

LEA’s Student-Fit-Learning Models blended with its exclusive LIFT Brain Training makes for a remarkable brain-based curriculum. For example, in a relatively short period of time a student’s memory and attention are noticeably enhanced. The student is increasing the brain’s strength, speed, and endurance to better handle the learning process. This can make all the difference in their academic performance including their ability to focus, improve comprehension, follow instructions, and retain what they learned.

Is LIFT effective for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)?

LIFT Brain Training for Attention concentrates on strengthening Selective, Sustained, Divided, and Alternating Attention. At least half of students prescribed ADHD medication have successfully discontinued the use of prescription drugs after completing LIFT programs when the ADHD diagnosis was primarily Inattentive Type.

Is LIFT a software program that my child does independently?

We strongly believe in the power of human contact. LIFT brain-based procedures are administered by a live person even when it is done virtually.

Can my child complete individual courses if they attend another school?

Absolutely! For those parents that have found the right school match, LEA offers brain-based courses year-round to complement and boost their child’s academic growth.

Is LIFT Brain Training (LIFT) a research-based system?

The basis of LIFT Brain Training originates from the longstanding theories of neuropsychology in which individuals have experienced loss of memory, attention, and other cognitive shortfalls. Decades of these types of intervention provide testimony that a rigorous “brain workout” can strengthen the brain and rehabilitate its most important functions. LIFT Brain Training was designed with these theories in mind but intended to target the specific brain skills engaged in learning to overcome limitations in the specific areas targeted.